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Fly Fishing the Kern River in the Southern Sierra

for Golden Trout, Kern River Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Small Mouth Bass and more ...
The Upper Kern River in the Southern Sierra north of Lake Isabella and Kernville is a fishery known for its 4-8 pound trophy trout. This 20 mile section of river has big deep pools, pocket water, short runs and long riffles. Nymphing deep will always get you into fish but be ready for those southern Sierra hatches in the late evening or early morning. This fishery is open year round. The Upper Kern River north of the Johnsondale Bridge is home to 75 miles of wild trout water and a special regulations area where wild native Kern River Rainbows are plentiful.This is one of only a few places in California where you can catch a wild native trout in its native drainage. The four mile section just above the Johnsondale Bridge is a year round fishery were only barbless hooks are allowed. Kern River Rainbows live here as well as the occasional monster Brown Trout. The dry fly fishing in this area is legendary but nymphing very large stoneflies through the pocket water can get you some incredible grabs.

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Cast your dry fly to hungry Golden Trout and Brown Trout in the beautiful southern Sierra Monache Meadows where the South Fork Kern River flows. Fly fish for Golden Hybrids and Browns in Rockhouse Basin where the South Fork Kern River also flows. Try your skills on the southern Sierra Kern Plateau for more Golden and Brown Trout. Take a day horse pack trip into the Little Kern River where the Little Kern Golden Trout live and are always eager to take your dry fly. Take a multiple day horse pack trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness to fish for Kern River Rainbows where you wont see anybody else for days. Experience the southern Sierra solitude.

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The Lower Kern River in the southern Sierra below Lake Isabella is a fishery unto its own. This section of river flows from the dam at Lake Isabella over 40 miles to the city of Bakersfield. This section is famous for its trophy trout as well as its small mouth bass. It's also home to Large Mouth Bass and Crappie. This is a great winter fishery in the sierra and it's open all year long.Check out our DVD on Fly Fishing the Lower Kern.Lower Kern DVD Vol.1

Lake Isabella is another great fishery in the southern Sierra with very large, Large Mouth Bass who are very eager to take your streamer. In the spring, these monsters move into shallow water to spawn, sometimes in four feet of water. These fish are caught regularly on Buggers, Clousers and other streamer patterns. In the spring, Crappie move into the shallows and there are days were you catch fish every cast. Large Rainbow Trout also cruise the shallows looking for food and are caught regularly on various patterns. This fishery is open year round. Bring your float tube.

CDFG Licensed - Bonded & Insured - Kern River Fly Fishing Guide Service is a permitted fly fishing outfitter with the Sequoia National Forest and operates on a non discriminatory basis.
We offer special service for disabled/handicapped clients and wounded veterans.

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